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Ville d’Esch

Luxembourg’s second biggest city, Esch-sur-Alzette, needed to replace its 10 Year old website. Together with its PR and IT Teams we worked on a new navigation concept and an entire redesign, building up on its current visual identity while slightly adapting it. Our focus was on new tools, making the site easier to use for local residents and visitors.
With the new website, the city finally has a beautiful and user friendly online presence and is well prepared for 2022, when Esch-sur-Alzette becomes the cultural capital of Europe.

Web Design & Development by Lightbulb

Everything important at a glance

Entering the website the user has four different main choices, so we can ensure to fulfill everyone’s specific needs. He can use the very prominent search, decide to look further into the City Life and Administration sites, or scroll down and discover what Esch-sur-Alzette has to offer.


A selection of highlighted news present the many activities, publications and information for visitors and local residents.


A city lives through its events. A selection of future events will be listed on the homepage to give an interested visitor a quick glance of what he can expect in Esch-sur-Alzette.


Esch-sur-Alzette is packed with interesting places such as concert halls, museums, a theatre, parks and many more. A few highlights and a quick access to the map panel regrouping them all will be one of the most useful tools on the homepage.


A good mobility concept is essential for every city. In this area the visitors have a quick access to everything they need to know on parking spots, bus and train connections, bicycles and traffic.


Next to the most important address, the town hall, and several emergency contact numbers, the visitor receives everything he needs to know about a Luxembourgers favourite topic, the weather.

City Life


City Life and Administration

A local resident, who is looking for contact numbers or very specific documents has different needs than a person who wants to know what he could do in Esch-sur-Alzette while on a visit. A sidebar on every subpage gives the user the possibility to get back to the main homepage’s information in the form of panels. .

Visit the City Life site or Administration site

City Life


Every place in Esch-sur-Alzette, such as the “Théatre d’Esch”, got its dedicated page regrouping a description, the next events as well as a box regrouping opening hours, more information, a quick link to google maps as well as related downloads and links.


The number of events happening in Esch-sur-Alzette is huge. As a consequence we spent a lot of time working on the agenda, so a visitor can easily find specific events or simply browse through the different events, genres and days and discover something new.



Local residents often need to get in contact with a specific person or service. A contact book lets them easily find the contacts they are looking for and write them an e-mail or quickly call them.


Various page templates, such as the PAG/PAP page give the different services a possibility to present their content in an easy way, guaranteeing that everything fits the design as well as the visual identity.


When visiting a city, or quickly checking information as resident users do this mostly with tablets or phones. We did everything necessary so this experience is as good as possible. +352 20 21 10 00