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Case Study


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    Butzemillen Crèches et Foyers de jour

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We had to redesign the website of Butzemillen, a day care center in Luxembourg, and add several new features such as an online photo service and a custom-designed calendar where parents can easily enter their children’s enrollment.

The challenge

Butzemillen is a group with ambitious plans. They started with a few centers and quickly grew to one of the largest groups in Luxembourg. While designing and developing the site we were careful to keep everything scalable and customizable for future growth.



Scope of work

  • Design

    • Colorful
    • Playful
  • Video

    • A video shooting with kids.
  • Development

    • WordPress site linked to an internal CRM


The new website for Butzemillen needed a playful and colorful design without being too childish, as our audience is not the kids that go to the daycare centers, but their parents.


To create something different for the homepage, in line with the color splashes used all over the site, we wanted to film children painting the screen with color. A few trips to the hardware store and internal tests later, and we were ready for a shooting at one of Butzemillen’s daycare centers, where we had to realize that shooting with kids was a bit more difficult than expected.


The core of the website’s parent access is an interactive tool that allows parents to register their kids for the different days and hours they visit the centers. Different plans, allowing more flexibility or hours per week were an additional challenge.

Furthermore parents have the option to specify if the kids should be transported to their sport practises and if they would have lunch or dinner at the centers.

To make inscriptions as easy as possible, parents could copy the plan from their current week to the following one, or ev



Photo Gallery

The best way to know what your kids are doing while at the Butzemillen daycare centers, is to discover the many pictures that are taken by the staff. A private photo gallery shows the parents what their kids are up to, and a simple store allows them to download the pictures, get prints or customized gadgets with home delivery.


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