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Case Study

Suchtberodung Online

ux design, web design, development

The challenge

“Competent help always and everywhere” was the motto of a progressive and unique path towards digital and interactive counseling for addicts and their loved ones. It is a modern extension to their stationary and ambulant services of addiction counseling in Luxembourg.

The project

The result, refined in several meetings between the client and Lightbulb, is a platform that lowers the inhibition threshold of seeking help with addiction and which digitizes and anonymises this first contact.



Scope of work

  • UX Design

    • Interactive and intuitive platform and application.
  • Web Design

    • Tailor-made application and website with personalized and appealing icons and illustrations.
  • Development

    • Development of an application for mobile devices, and a website offering the same functionalities on any desktop computer or browser.

Everything important at a glance

In addiction counseling, digitalization is an important asset to facilitate communication. The SBO app is a full-on counseling platform, which can be used anonymously by consumers as well as curious individuals. Any registered user can keep a digital diary, see the analysis of his usage, do a self test or get other information about addiction, prevention of addiction or specific substances.

Colors and Logo

The logo, designed by Lightbulb, stands for everything the consumer needs: The lifesaver that catches people, and the speech bubble that motivates to talk, to be counseled or to inform yourself.

We chose orange as the main color for the app, with an addition of red and yellow with a warm and calming sentiment, which creates a soothing environment for professional counseling.


Specially conceived selftest that can be used by anyone, without registration. This is a web-based app which gives immediate feedback, based on different criteria, about the entered consummation habits and specific substance.

The diary

The diary is a trusted companion for the user, who can easily document his consummation habits. This diary can also, if the users wants to, be shared and discussed with a counselor.


Forms offer structured support while analyzing the consummation habits. They can quickly be completed to give the user a general overview.


The integrated evolution analysis offers a well-structured overview of the consummation habits.


The application offers anonymous counseling where a user can get in touch with an expert within a modern chat environment. The individual functions can be combined, so it is possible to send a selftest to a counselor.


The counseling tool was designed as an app for mobile devices. A website also offers the same functionality on any desktop computer or browser, with additional explanations and presentations of the partners. But the focus stays on downloading the app from the App store or Google Play store.


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