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Case Study

Den Escher Blog

ux design, web design, development

  • Agency

    Lightbulb, 101 Studios

  • Client

    City of Esch-sur-Alzette

  • Product Online

The challenge

Esch wants to help promote its local businesses, and this blog will provide exactly
this, with all sorts of articles about shops and restaurants. Text heavy, with the goal of being visually different than most websites made this a challenging task.

The website

We used the visual guidelines established by 101 Studios to create a unique blog, which stands out from everything else. There are a lot of visual highlights to make the articles visually appealing and interesting, with different colors used all over the website.

Scope of work

  • UX Design

    • Simple but text-heavy website
  • Web Design

    • A blog that looks like no other blog
  • Development

    • A WordPress based blog with lots of features

Next Project

Erasmy configurator