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Visit Remich

The municipality Remich was looking for a complete reorganisation of its communication structure as well as public image and entrusted us with the concept and redesign of their current web presence. “Visit Remich” is the first of three websites and focuses on tourism in and around the city.

Web Design & Development by Lightbulb

The redesign

Surrounded by vineyards and dense forests, Remich is the centre of Luxembourgs viticulture and popular with tourists not only because of its excellent wine, but also because of the beautiful Moselle panorama and the numerous activities around the city. This makes it the most frequented town in the Moselle Valley, and therefore it was all the more important for us to capture the charm of this picturesque little town in the design.

A Fresh New Look

The vibrant colors give the commune a fresh new look and the imagery helps the users to get an instant idea of the town. Animations highlight the interaction possibilities and guide the user through the experience. Besides the modernisation of the web site’s look, it was of utmost importance for us to organise the content in a clear and comprehensible way to allow for an easy navigation through the different types of content.

Easy to Navigate

Activities are also sorted by category and the users can find events and activities via their preferred category.

Panels in the header are always accessible and give the visitor an overview about the weather or contact adresses.

Information Architecture

Due to the sheer amount of different types of information organising the information architecture was a primary concern of ours. As the most popular tourist city of the Moselle valley, the municipality offers numerous events and activities in and around Remich, which is why the agenda occupies a central place on the new site.

A Local Focal Point

Besides this, the site also includes numerous contact addresses of local restaurants, hotels and wineries, making Visit Remich to a regional focal point, not only for tourists, but also local residents.


Fully Responsive & Accessible

As for all of our projects, we build the site from scratch following the principles of the mobile first approach. The site is fully responsive and accessible in two different languages, and two more are planned to go online soon. +352 20 21 10 00