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Case Study


ux design, web design, development

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    Ville de Remich

  • Product Online

The challenge

With a new digital concept, the municipality of Remich wanted to bring the city one step closer to its inhabitants, with an information portal, as well as to the multitude of visitors of this beautiful touristic region with a second, dedicated website.

The project

The new online presence of Remich, a modern city with a lot of heritage, has to satisfy the needs of two completely different target audiences, residents of the municipality and national and foreign tourists.

On one hand, for the citizens, we created a sober and simple site, packed with information, picture galleries, news and documents useful for everyday life.

On the other hand, for visitors, a colorful site, with a lot of images, has its focus mainly on activities and events that make your stay in Remich as pleasant as possible.



Scope of work

  • UX Design

    • Easy to navigate for residents and tourists.
  • Web Design

    • Two different designs, based on one common ground.
  • Development

    • One wordpress multisite for an easy maintenance.

Visit Remich

Surrounded by vineyards and dense forests, Remich is the centre of Luxembourg’s viticulture and popular for tourists not only because of its excellent wine, but also because of the beautiful Moselle panorama. This made it important for us to capture the charm of this picturesque little town in the design.

Colors and Animations

The vibrant colors give the commune a fresh new look and the imagery helps the users to get an instant idea of the town. Animations highlight the interaction possibilities and guide the user through the experience. Besides the modernisation of the web site’s look, it was of utmost importance for us to organise the content in a clear and comprehensible way to allow for easy navigation through the different types of content.

Remich Bierger

The sober and simple design helps foregrounding Remich and its information. The interaction between the large pictures and the texts on a white background allows the visitors to be informed of the latest news concerning Remich and to find the right information easily.


Due to the sheer amount of different types of content, organising the information architecture was a primary concern of ours. Remich lives up to its reputation as a tourist hotspot on the Moselle with a nicely filled calendar, which is why the agenda occupies a central place on both new sites.

Useful panels

The panels, which glide from top to bottom, allow the visitors to find useful information such as the weather in Remich or the municipality’s contact details. They also allow to easily switch from one language to another and to view a map of the city.

Information tools

Residents of Remich can find a wide range of information online, including an online Raider, publications and events as well as newsletters and subscriptions to different agendas.


If any questions remain, the users can use the search bar where every search result is categorized, allowing easy access to either a page, a document or contact details.


We wanted to put the focus on the webpage’s mobile use and its responsiveness, meaning that it would adjust to any type of screen. This allows the visitor to discover Remich online everywhere and at any given time. Furthermore, they can also find important information about Remich on the go.


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