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Case Study


ux design, web design, development

  • Agency

    Lightbulb, 101 Studios

  • Client


  • Product Online

The challenge

For Luxenergie we had to merge two very different target audiences, business and private clients. Both groups use different services, have very different knowledge about Luxenergie and use the website for a completely different purpose.

The Design

To make a difference between the two main audiences of Luxenergie, the business- and the private clients, we separated both areas visually by using two main colors as well as a different tone of voice for the images.

The business area, presenting the different services uses red as the main color and its pictures focus on the technical aspects.

The second area focuses on explaining Luxenergie’s advantages to the private clients, where we use orange as main color, and the pictures are more human and pleasing.



Scope of work

  • UX Design

    • Our main focus was on well structuring the different pages.
  • Web Design

    • Technical content loosened up by a lot of pictures and icons
  • Development

    • Dynamic blocks give the client the possibility to create sites that vary a lot.


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