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Case Study

Creative Cluster

ux design, web design, development

The challenge

In 2018 we had the amazing opportunity to work in collaboration with 101 Studios on the Creative Industries Cluster website. An interactive platform to keep creatives from Luxembourg informed, help them to find jobs, initiate collaborations and bring like-minded people together.

The product

The website is jam-packed with small features, such as filters, search engines and animations, that make the user-experience as pleasant and useful as possible.

Scope of work

  • UX design

    • Find what you’re looking for
  • Web Design

    • Outstanding visuals for the creative sector
  • Development

    • A Drupal-based community website


Short intro in form of a slider with three slides, with large focus on the search


The community section to highlight what’s new in the creative industry


A calendar to show which events are happening

Find a creative

A map which shows every member on a map, to find those who are nearby

The Community

This page is basically the heart of the website. It shows everything that’s important: From new members over job openings to collaborations. The filter allows the user to easily decide what to display, as there’s a lot of content to scroll through.


You’ll find, on the agenda, every important event related to the creative space. On a small but useful timeline, the user can immediately see what upcoming events will happen in the next days and weeks.

Mobile optimised

We put a lot of work into really planning on how users would navigate on the site using a phone. Therefore we designed many elements specifically for small devices, such as the placement of the navigation and search buttons.

New content

Adding new content to the page is an important part for the members. Every member can add articles, job openings, collaboration requests and projects.


Next Project

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